Microsoft and MIT Explore Use of Blockchain Technology

New-York-CityHow blockchain record can be used for amicable good was discussed in a new eventuality hold in NewYork City. Speakers enclosed John Paul Farmer, executive of record and county creation during Microsoft. Brian Forde, MIT MediaBI Lab executive of digital banking and former record confidant to a White House.

Some of a other speakers were Ryan Shea, CEO of OneName, Chelsea Barabas, Ann Sim and Peter Kirby. The speakers led a contention on a use of blockchain for several amicable reasons.

Some of a categorical ideas discussed in a eventuality were

Reducing Crime

Chelsea Barabas explained how a crime in a nation could be reduced and criminals could be prosecuted fast by building an online bill regulating a blockchain record that is totally decentralized and allows open to upload video or picture justification to a ledger. This justification could not be tampered with and will severely assistance a law coercion agencies in a country.

Social Welfare

Barabas also went on to explain a use of record in changing a approach this nation distributes welfare. Criticizing a stream gratification system, she said, “We’re still distributing gratification a same approach we did 100 years ago”. The blockchain record could be

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