Microsoft Limits Bitcoin Usage But Has No Plans To Add Ether …

It would appear as if Microsoft is trying to make a push for replacing Bitcoin with Ethereum across all of their offerings. One the one hand, the company, is pushing hard to promote their Ethereum blockchain-as-a-service product while they have also partially removed Bitcoin payment support from the Microsoft Store. Some people see this as a sign of how Ethereum will replace Bitcoin on the merchant side very soon, but that may be the overexcitement speaking, rather than common sense.

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Microsoft and Bitcoin is Not A Happy Relationship

Although the announcement by the technology giant regarding the acceptance of Bitcoin payments was greeted with a lot of joy by the digital currency community, things have gotten eerily quiet ever since. Granted, there are only so many products people need to buy from Microsoft at any given time, and the fact Bitcoin payments were not available to consumers all over the world did not help matters much either.

Whether or not it is due to low transaction volume or any other reason, an announcement has been posted on the Microsoft Store as to how they are no longer

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