Microsoft Limits Bitcoin Usage But Has No Plans To Add Ether …

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It would seem as if Microsoft is perplexing to make a pull for replacing Bitcoin with Ethereum opposite all of their offerings. One a one hand, a company, is pulling tough to foster their Ethereum blockchain-as-a-service product while they have also partially private Bitcoin remuneration support from a Microsoft Store. Some people see this as a pointer of how Ethereum will reinstate Bitcoin on a businessman side really soon, though that might be a overexcitement speaking, rather than common sense.

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Microsoft and Bitcoin is Not A Happy Relationship

Although a announcement by a record hulk per a acceptance of Bitcoin payments was greeted with a lot of fun by a digital banking community, things have gotten eerily still ever since. Granted, there are usually so many products people need to buy from Microsoft at any given time, and a fact Bitcoin payments were not accessible to consumers all over a universe did not assistance matters most either.

Whether or not it is due to low transaction volume or any other reason, an announcement has been posted on a Microsoft Store as to how they are no longer

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