Microsoft wants to make Bitcoin easier for banks

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Microsoft no longer only depends on Windows 10 to compensate a bills. With CEO Satya Nadella during a helm, it’s also betting heavily on cloud services, and only suggested an engaging new one: Bitcoin-style encryption. Redmond assimilated army with startup ConsenSys on a height called Ethereum to assistance business to play around with a blockchain tech used in crypto-currency. The pierce is well-timed, as banks are starting to get seriously interested in BItcoin-style currency. However, Microsoft pronounced that Bitcoin applications are “just scratching a aspect of what can be finished when we brew cryptographic confidence [with the] trustworthiness of blockchain.”

The tech can also be used to secure and determine a sell of any data, that will make it useful to other industries. Via elementary templates, companies can emanate blockchain-based “smart contracts,” for instance. However, a categorical captivate of a tech is still Bitcoin-style money, something that still befuddles financial institutions. Microsoft’s tech would let use peer-to-peer networks and “consensus-formation algorithm” to secure a Ethereum-based currency, only like Bitcoin. However they could emanate their own, distant some-more secure banking than Bitcoin in only 20

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