Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM Fails to Pack the Initial Punch

Mike Tyson, the legendary heavyweight boxing champion made news when he associated himself with the legendary digital currency, bitcoin. Mike Tyson announced his involvement in a bitcoin ATM venture. These bitcoin ATMs are launched and maintained by Bitcoin Direct LLC while he endorses the brand.

Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATMs are now officially launched and the launch event was recently held in Las Vegas, where the first machine was unveiled as well. The first Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM machine is installed at Off the Strip Grill located in LINQ Hotel. The company has already been running a pilot scale operation of the bitcoin ATM in Las Vegas itself.

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The official launch event Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM was organized in Las Vegas itself and it was preceded over by Mike Tyson himself. However, the bitcoin ATMs seems to have run into trouble soon after the launch after the machine started exhibiting technical issues. According to reports, Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATMs stopped dispensing bitcoins and those attempting to buy bitcoin though the machine had their currency eaten up by this hungry machine.

The waiters at the restaurant were allegedly warning users from inserting their currency into the machine. While one person lost a single buck, there was another who lost $20 after he failed to heed the waitress’ warning. Those who lost money to Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM were even more perplexed after this incident as they didn’t know whom to contact to report the issue as the ATM did not mention any contact info whatsoever

The behavior of Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM has contradicted the company’s initial appeal where they boasted that the ATM will be capable of dispensing cash or bitcoin faster than the quickest knockout by Mike Tyson inside the ring (which was about 30 seconds). While in reality, the ATM is not even functioning.

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