Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM Goes Live

The heavyweight boxing legend, Mike Tyson recently made waves in the bitcoin community after he announced his own brand of bitcoin ATMs last month. The world champion boxer had tweeted about the new Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATMs from his account.

Going by just one tweet and a one page website which mentioned nothing more than the information about the bitcoin ATMs being launched in August, people were skeptical about the whole thing until now. Lack of information about the product, or people involved except for the name Bitcoin Direct LLC mentioned in small fonts at the bottom of the website also made it look like a big scam (no one was sure about who is being scammed though).

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Mike Tyson bitcoin ATM is finally out for the world to see and use, putting all those previous rumors to rest. The first Mike Tyson bitcoin ATM machine has been unveiled in Las Vegas. The machine is a regular Lamassu machine, nothing to be excited about except for an image of Mike Tyson on the front. According to reports, the Lamassu machine is a one- way bitcoin ATM

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