Miners Center Brings Tantalizing Deal for Bitcoin Sellers

Delaware-based cryptocurrency trader Miners Center has brought an exciting offer for the Bitcoin community.

The startup, which began its operations last year, is offering a rate of 12% to 13% above the market value, to the Bitcoin sellers.

In short, it is offering unprecedented returns to the clients with its new offer.

The lucrative deals for the Bitcoin community keep coming as the startups race to grab a larger pie of the digital currency market.

Earlier, SearchTrade, a new start-up, had announced a unique offer for the virtual currency market, in which the amount of time that a user spends on the internet, could enable him to earn a Bitcoin.

Bitcoin wallet company Coinbase is another such firm which tried to lure consumers with its enticing offer of “earn $25 of Bitcoin per referral.”

In short, the market is seeing a surge in promotional activities and is hoping to catch more consumers.

The statement issued by Emilian Tourey, the CEO of Miners Center, perfectly highlights the ambition of Bitcoin-centric companies.

Here is what Tourey said: “We are happy that with this promotional offer we will be able to help the Bitcoin community. By riding on this next wave of digital technology, we hope to become a major leader of the Bitcoin community, and offer exceptional deals for all Bitcoin purchases.”

The CEO of Miners Center also referred to the Bitcoin as a wise investment and also pointed out that this was just about staying in-step with the times.

The startup also claims that any consumer interested in doing Bitcoin transactions will find its website user-friendly.

Those who wish to use the site and take advantage of the promotional offer need to follow these two steps:

  • Enter their email address
  • Then add their bank or PayPal information

The company also offers support, and if a user faces any issues at any stage, then it can be answered in real time by the staff.



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