Mining Company BitMiner Introduces Attractive Bitcoin Investment Offers


As the world prepares for yet another economical meltdown, investors have already begun to safeguard their investments by choosing to hedge against market risks. Bitcoin, in this regard, has emerged as an attractive option, for it is decentralised, and absolutely non-conformist to market manipulations.


England-based has recently worked on creating such investment options for market speculators. The Bitcoin mining platform, which also features an in-house trading market, has launchd an attractive Bitcoin investment project which could yield up to 110% returns on principal deposits.


The project, according to BitMiner, generates income by offering Bitcoin mining power to clients. A Bitcoin mining power illustrates the amount of hash power contributed in running the overall Bitcoin network. Due to the cost involved in setting up and running a Bitcoin mining facility, BitMiner aims to attract investments from individuals across the globe. The investments buy clients a certain share in the mining pool (in Ghs), which further yields daily profit in the form of mining incentive.


Purchasing hash rate is as simple as shopping online. Clients are required to sign up at BitMiner’s official website, where they get to fill a simple form. Upon the sign up, clients are redirected to a private dashboard where they can purchase hash power for Bitcoin. The mining, as confirmed by BitMiner, starts immediately after the deposit. The returns, meanwhile, are generated every 24 hours, and are available to be withdrawn to private Bitcoin addresses — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


One of the most attractive aspect of this investment scheme is its diversification. BitMiner not only offers mining for SHA256 coins like Bitcoin, but also caters for investors wishing to invest in alternative cryptocurrency algorithms like Scrypt and X11.


“ features its own Vault where the user receive 0.25% weekly interest on the active Bitcoin balance, a total of 1% per month,” the company added. “The interest is sent automatically based on the funds in the users’ account. Also offer a prosperous referral program where users can invite friends using their referral link and earn 3% for every deposit.”


With its unparalleled dedication and reputation towards offering the best Bitcoin mining investment offers, BitMiner truly provides a viable alternative to highly manipulated and centralised investment schemes. You can know more about their Bitcoin cloud mining services here.

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