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Bitcoin started the cryptocurrency revolution. Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009 after Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper about the new digital currency the previous year. Being an open source protocol, many alternate cryptocurrencies followed bitcoin. These alternate currencies are better known as Altcoins.

In spite of the presence of many altcoins, Bitcoin still leads them all. Bitcoin is the leader among them in terms of both market capitalization and network size. Even the hashing power used for bitcoin mining is greater than any of the cryptocurrencies till date. Mining involves the contribution of processing power to sustain the bitcoin network. Miners supply the necessary processing power to solve the cryptographic equations to find new blocks and confirm the validity of transactions over the platform at the same time.

Mining in one form or the other is used by all cryptocurrencies. Most of these cryptocurrencies also share various similarities with bitcoin as well, especially the blockchain aspect. Some of them, however, may use a different encryption protocol. If multiple cryptocurrencies are using the same encryption protocol and share similarities, they can possibly be mined together as well.

The process of mining multiple cryptocurrencies is called merged mining. The concept of merged mining

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