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Bitcoin started a cryptocurrency revolution. Bitcoin was initial introduced in 2009 after Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper about a new digital banking a prior year. Being an open source protocol, many swap cryptocurrencies followed bitcoin. These swap currencies are improved famous as Altcoins.

In annoy of a participation of many altcoins, Bitcoin still leads them all. Bitcoin is a personality among them in terms of both marketplace capitalization and network size. Even a hashing energy used for bitcoin mining is larger than any of a cryptocurrencies compartment date. Mining involves a grant of estimate energy to means a bitcoin network. Miners supply a required estimate energy to solve a cryptographic equations to find new blocks and endorse a effect of exchange over a height during a same time.

Mining in one form or a other is used by all cryptocurrencies. Most of these cryptocurrencies also share several similarities with bitcoin as well, generally a blockchain aspect. Some of them, however, might use a opposite encryption protocol. If mixed cryptocurrencies are regulating a same encryption custom and share similarities, they can presumably be mined together as well.

The routine of mining mixed cryptocurrencies is called joined mining. The judgment of joined mining

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