Misfit Bitcoin Developer Allegedly Works With the Rojava Plan

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It seems people are speculating on the current location of the missing in action Bitcoin developer and creator of Dark Wallet Amir Taaki. The British-Iranian Taaki has been somewhat of a legend within cryptocurrency circles for his work on the project as well as his views of crypto-anarchy. Recently it has been suggested that Taaki is running with an Anarcho-socialist group called “Rojava The Plan.” The organization’s mission is to create a self-sufficient socialist coop with a 1-year goal to finish “26 projects and advance Rojava’s decentralized economy.”

3k31days-825x300Amir Taaki is considered a misfit when it comes to the Bitcoin community due to his strong beliefs in left-anarchism and his critical opinions against the growing industry. He is very well known for starting the project Dark Wallet with the help of Cody Wilson founder of Defense Distributed. Taaki was the original creator of Bitcoin BIP proposals, and the first one was a description of the GitHub plan which is a request to make changes to the code. Taaki also created the bitcoin protocol named libbitcoin, and worked on the

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