Missing mail, love letters and keeping a clean house

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If you aren’t ordering guns or multiple kilos of meth and things get a little sketchy, you’re probably pretty sure you aren’t waiting for a controlled delivery or a warrant over your quarter ounce of weed, a taser which looks like a flashlight, a couple of molly tablets or a gram of ketamine which, for one reason or another, has not materialized in your mail box. It could be that you got a love letter and you assume that’s the end of it, or maybe your product just didn’t arrive. Could’ve been a selective scammer vendor, if you didn’t have tracking. Could’ve been stolen out of the mail by a light fingered mail carrier, could’ve gotten lost in the postal system, take your pick. Or maybe, just maybe, someone’s putting together a case on you, which could take months. Even worse, maybe that screw up you made today is going to bring back on you years of being a bad boy from before.

Apologies in advance for my U.S. readers because once again, this piece, once again, doesn’t touch on the US at all, it concentrates on Australia – yet again, for the simple fact that they’ve been kind enough

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