MIT Bitcoin Expo Day Two: Emerging Market Opportunities

MIT Bitcoin Expo Day Two: Emerging Market Opportunities

The second day of the MIT Bitcoin Expo, hosted by the MIT Bitcoin Club this weekend in Cambridge, Massachusetts, took a step away from technical debates surrounding Bitcoin development and focused on applications in the financial sector and beyond. Speakers included representatives of R3, the digital ledger consortium of 42 banks, and Enigma, a blockchain-based technology that allows computing on encrypted data.

Sunday morning kicked off with opening words from Latanya Sweeney, who serves as Chief Technologist for the Federal Trade Commission as well as Director of the Data Privacy Lab at Harvard University. She began by reframing how our current economy is governed.

“We live in a technocracy, where every value is up for grabs.” [email protected]

She went on to describe how racism has pervaded current technologies. For example, on Google, according to her recent paper, a black-identifying name was 25 percent more likely to get an ad suggestive of an arrest record. She stated that The Princeton Review, which offers standardized testing preparation for students, increased prices by 180 percent on average for people living in primarily Asian neighborhoods, and that Asian Airbnb hosts earn 20 percent less than Caucasion hosts when listing their homes. Latanya urged the community

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