MIT ChainAnchor Wants to Expose Bitcoin User Identities

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A new post per a MIT ChainAnchor devise is lifting a lot of questions, and really few answers. Based on a information in this post, Bitcoin users will shortly be forced to couple their temperament to an address. What could MIT wish to benefit by doing so, and to what lengths will they go to see this devise come to fruition?

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The MIT ChainAnchor Project Threatens Bitcoin Privacy

The MIT ChainAnchor Project is distant reduction eminent than many people creatively insincere it to be. It appears as if a primary concentration of this devise is to safeguard Bitcoin users couple their identities to wallet addresses and transactions, stealing any pseudonymity and privacy. Although it is not a initial time someone proposes such a drastic course of action, a ChainAnchor group has a deceit devise to make this obedience.

Bitcoin miners could finish adult being possibly bribed or coerced to usually embody exchange in a subsequent blocks that go to purebred users. This would force users to promote their open temperament for each transaction holding place on a network, that is a conditions everybody hopes to avoid. Not

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