Mobile Messenger Creator and Millionaire Sentenced to 17 Years

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Shaun Collopy established an online drug selling business, which used the untraceable online currency of Bitcoins. Shaun Collopy was sentenced to 17 years for his online drug-dealing operation on Dark Net.

Shaun Michael Collopy plead guilty to 30 drug trafficking charges after establishing his online drug venture was shut down in late 2013.

Collopy and his partner, Gary Cooley set up AuVIP, a website and bought, packaged and distributed drugs from places like the Netherlands, India, and even the U.S.

District Court Chief Judge Geoffrey Muecke said “The nature of the offending meant it was impossible to trace how much they both made, however a spreadsheet was found in which Collopy predicted he would make $784,000 in one year.”

Collopy, who will be 40 years old this Friday, sat and listened to the sentencing on a monitor from prison.

A former graduate from Flinders University, made millions on the internet and lived a very lavish lifestyle in the United States. He then returned to Adelaide a drug addict due to what his lawyers called a “career hangover”.

Jordan Belfort was Collopy’s biggest idol and often sent him tweets, urging that they hang out in Las Vegas.

Judge Muecke said, “Even after Collopy’s arrest in November 2013,

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