Mobile Payments: Moving Towards a Trillion Dollar Industry

Five years ago, the notion of paying for items via your smartphone was seen as something of a novelty. Although brands such as eBay managed to integrate mobile payments into their apps many years ago, thanks to its ownership of the ever-popular PayPal, the practice is still somewhat new.

Where companies such as eBay blazed a trail, however, others languished in the distance, either too cautious or too under-equipped to make mobile payments a standard part of their service. Unsurprisingly, though, things have changed and they’ve changed in a big way. Thanks to improvements in technology and the push by Apple and Google to introduce their own native wallets, almost every major consumer-facing company now offers a secure mobile payment system.

Simple Payments on the Move

By pr_ip 

Although some mobile users are still skeptical about making big money purchases via their smartphone (as they were with their computers a decade ago), many will now buy anything from used goods on eBay to flights across the world. Mobile purchases are now at an all-time high and this trend is predicted to continue over the next few years.

Estimates regarding the number of annual mobile payments vary between experts, but the majority

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