MonetaGo Bitcoin Exchange Goes Global

MonetaGo, a relatively new Bitcoin exchange that opened earlier in April has expanded with a bang. MonetaGo, based out of New York has launched its services across 40 countries on Monday. The company, named in honour of Juno Moneta (The protector of funds, in Roman mythology) declares its mission to provide a secure platform for buying and selling Bitcoin.

MonetaGo allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin in 28 different currencies. The company, with a wider focus compared to many other exchanges, intends to make its services available to markets other than the major ones. Currently, most of the Bitcoin trading happens in three major currencies — US dollar, euro and yuan. However, MonetaGo intends to change it by offering equal trading opportunities to all the 28 currencies it supports. By creating this equal opportunity platform that is spread across 40 nations, it will make Bitcoin more accessible and cost-effective.

Due to the global nature of Bitcoin and the presence of huge opportunities in other parts of the world, exchanges are gradually increasing their support to different currencies. Platforms like igot (a global Bitcoin exchange based out of Australia, previously co-founded by Read more ... source: LiveBitcoinNews