‘Money Mule’ Scams Adopting Bitcoin ATMs For Transferring Hacked Funds

‘Money Mule’ Scams Adopting Bitcoin ATMs For Transferring Hacked Funds

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Hackers who raid corporate bank accounts mostly refine stolen supports by depositing them in accounts owned by “money mules,” people recruited by work-at-home pursuit scams. The mules are customarily educated to handle a stolen supports to a scammers. Increasingly, however, a mules are being destined to send a supports regulating bitcoin ATMs, according to KrebsOnSecurity.

The story of a Canadian reader who contacted KrebsOnSecurity demonstrates how such scams work.

One ‘Mule’s’ Experience

The reader was offering $870 per week and 5% elect for each transaction she rubbed for a association called Lunarbay(dot)biz. She became questionable after receiving information on forwarding a funds.

She was told to repel a supports form her comment and go to a bank. She afterwards perceived a QR formula to save on her smartphone and given a plcae of a closest bitcoin ATM. She was sent an enlightening Youtube video on how to make payments regulating a Lamassu

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