‘Moralists’, the Latest Extortionists to Begin Using Bitcoin

‘Moralists’, the Latest Extortionists to Begin Using Bitcoin

Visitors and patrons of Switzerland’s largest strip club have received blackmail letters from self-anointed ‘moralists’, demanding $2,000 in bitcoin (approx 4.72 BTC)  or face ‘exposure’ with pictures of them visiting the strip club sent to their families.

Bitcoin ransoms aren’t going away anytime soon. Patrons of a Swiss strip club near Zurich have been sent letters that threaten to expose them unless they pay a ransom of $2,000 in bitcoin.

A copy of the letter was obtained by Swiss TV channel Tele Zueri and reported by NBC News.

The extortionist threat from the letters read:

We are moralists and you are our target. We hope that you are not suffering from amnesia, otherwise we need to jog your memory with a few photos…We will destroy your life, the way you did with others.

Speaking to the publication, the manager of the strip club ‘Globe’ in Schwerzenbach, near Zurich revealed that some 50 to 60 patrons of the nightclub received the letters. With no mobile phones or cameras allowed in the premises,

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