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Mathew Graham, 21 at the time, was found to be the Administrator for several extreme child porn sites on dark net. He ran all of them from his bedroom at his parents home in South Morang on Melbourne’s north side. He went by “Lux” as he ran the global child porn ring, which contained images and videos of sexual torture, murder and mutilation of children and infants on the dark net, all running it from his bedroom in his parents home.


Arresting officer Detective Sergeant Christine Stafford stated that Graham was “staunch and confident” when his parents home was raided. Of course he denied everything and handed over his phone with no fight. He had forgotten about three images however, that were of dead children being abused.

Graham was arrested and charged with possession of child abuse material and for failing to comply with an order to give up his laptop password. After the BI managed to break into one of the many hard drives they seized from “Lux”, he was given the option to be tried for the crimes in the US, or to plead guilty to all the charges, and be tried in Australia.

Mathew David Graham plead guilty in September 2015 to all 13 charges from setting up child pornography websites on dark net to advising a Russian man on how to rape and murder a five year old girl. Assistant Commissioner for the Victoria Police Steve Fontana said “Since the Lux investigation, 30 children have been rescued internationally, all who had been victims of his global child porn network.”

Judge Michael Tinney said at Graham’s sentencing that the level of offending was unprecedented and that something of this magnitude had never been seen before  by authorities in Australia.

“You were, in fact, a world player seeking to exercise influence and actually achieving influence on like-minded people in this country and around the world from the comfort of your bedroom in South Morang,” said Judge Michael Tinney.

At Graham’s sentencing the court was given detailed information about how he controlled other pedophiles and gave them tips and instructions on how to produce child pornography, and how to abuse  children.  “You were at the very top of the tree,” the Judge also added.

Graham’s sites dealt in an extreme form of child porn called ‘hurt-core’ which is a more violent form of pornography. The images are typically of rapes, torture, and sexual violence towards children. Two of his sites that were taken down during the investigation were called “Hurt 2 The Core” and the other was “Love 2 the core.” In order to become a member of either of these sites one stipulation where the prospective member has to post a certain number of video’s before aloud joining. The categories among these sites included titles like, “yummy little girls”, and “sexy little boys and girls.”

Along side these image threads were also help threads labeled, “Producing kiddie porn for dummies” and, “Need ideas for blackmailed girl”. Lux’s sites got over 400,000 hits a day and also included members posting pictures of themselves abusing they’re own children. Among the media talked about in court, they focused on a video that was one of the most shared on the site that depicted the assault of an 18 month old girl.

Graham however, produced zero images and videos himself, but told police that he wanted to be the biggest and the best on the web.

“Well it looks like this empire hasn’t fallen just yet. To any law enforcement agencies reading this, F##k you,” a post on one of Graham’s sites read tauting the FBI.

Graham was diagnosed with a schizoid personality disorder, and has been disconnected from the suffering of the children, seeming to have no feelings towards the victims in the images and videos he posted.

His parents have said although they will continue to support they’re son through this ordeal, they never could have imagined that Mathew would have ever been capable of aiding in such an evil deed.

Graham is now serving out 15 years and six months in prison, but is eligible for parole after he serves 10 years.

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