More people shopping drugs online on Bitcoin-friendly sites, European countries during a tip of list

It looks like a argumentative shutdown of a bootleg marketplace Silk Road in 2013 didn’t shock away most online drug buyers. On a contrary, online drug sales have grown 13% in one year, according to the 2015 Global Drug Survey.

The consult polled 100,000 people from over 50 countries and found out that a flourishing number are shopping bootleg substances online by low web-based bootleg marketplaces that trade in Bitcoin.

According to a enquiries, 23% of a people that answered a consult certified to shopping drugs for a initial time in 2014. This means that a series of online drugs buyers increasing 13% in usually one year, following a barbarous closure of Silk Road and a seizure of a creator, Ross Ulbricht or ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’. Ulbricht was recently sentenced to life in prison but a probability of parole.

There are now some-more than 25 marketplaces identical to Silk Road handling within a ‘dark web’, that can usually be accessed by a dark network famous as Tor. Most of these platforms usually accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But what are a buyers purchasing? According to a survey, the some-more renouned substances are MDMA, LSD and marijuana. The news also adds that

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