Mozilla: Bitcoin Option Weighed on Online Donations

According to a study conducted by Mozilla, the addition of a bitcoin option dragged the value of online donations collected through its Firefox browser. Due to popular demand, the company has recently added a bitcoin payment button to its primary donations form but it seems to have had a negative impact.

Mozilla released data collected from a statistical study on the impact of adding a bitcoin button on the main campaign donation page and revealed that it may have distracted visitors and even reduced donations from non-bitcoin donors.

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Bitcoin and Donations

For other companies and non-profit organizations, using bitcoin for accepting and transferring donations has worked out so far. ChangeTip, for example, has been partnering with charitable institutions in order to ensure that majority of the funds are used in relief efforts or to support advocacies instead of ending up reduced by transactions costs.

The data revealed that revenue per visitor dropped by about $0.07 USD after the addition of the “Donate with Bitcoin” button on Firefox. The company estimated that this would see the income reduced by about $140,000.

Mozilla maintained that bitcoin donations are not high enough

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