Mozilla implementing Tor privacy features in Firefox builds

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In 2014, The Tor Project announced that they would be forming a partnership with Mozilla, the company most known for the Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client. The two organizations still work in unison, sharing patches, bug fixes, and even high-capacity relays. In recent news, Mozilla fought to have the FBI release information regarding a Tor exploit – one that leaves Tor and Firefox users vulnerable to hacking and other privacy violations. These requests were denied, but that hasn’t stopped Mozilla from continually working to improve the level of privacy Firefox provides.

We were made aware, a few days ago, that the nightly build of Firefox 50 has started integrating features that originated in Tor. While only a handful are available now, it appears several more – potentially huge – changes will be made public in the following weeks.

So far there’s three patches to write about, all of which are not enabled by default. The first patch is aimed at reducing or removing browser fingerprinting. This is, if you aren’t aware, information that can be extracted from your web browser by the websites you visit. Some consider it a violation of privacy as this information can potentially lead

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