Munich Gunman Got Weapon From Darknet

According several German news outlets, the 9mm Glock 17 that David S. used on Friday evening to kill himself and nine others in Munich was a reactivated theater weapon. This information comes from the president of the Bavarian Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA), Robert Heimberger, on a Sunday press conference. The conversion of the weapon from non-functioning to being a fully functioning firearm was done at an unknown point and the police are still unsure who completed the work. The Glock carries a certification mark from Slovakia.

The shooter, David, had purchased the gun on the internet through a darknet chat, the LKA president concludes. He goes on to explain the Darknet is a kind of secret web, “a parallel world to the network from Facebook, Amazon and other news pages, which most users are familiar with.”  The darknet can only be accessed with the right software and the knowledge of where to look. It’s most Often used by criminals looking for weapons, drugs, and child pornography.

58 shell casings were found, 57 of which were from the shooter’s weapon and the one remaining was from a police handgun. A police officer fired at David in a parking deck but the shot missed. It was later discovered that the 18-year-old had shot himself and the autopsy confirmed this. The investigators emphasize there is no possibility of other weapons or shooters involved.

David’s shooting spree had been planned for a long period of time and was modeled after other similar mass-murders. He had driven to the site of the Winnenden school shooting and took pictures during the trip. The Winnenden school shooting was an incident in 2009 where a shooter killed 15 people at a secondary school. In David’s search history, police find several references to Anders Breivik, a similar mass murderer.

The shooter, David, had been in psychological treatment for two months last year, being treated for “social phobia” and depression, investigators say. Encounters with strangers would give him anxiety. He was in outpatient treatment for this, as well. At his family’s apartment, the 18-year-old’s medications were seized.

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