Muslim Teen in Virginia Pleads Guilty to Helping ISIS with Encryption, Bitcoin

AP Photo/Nasser Nasser

A 17-year-old Muslim teenager in Virginia pled guilty to charges of providing material support to ISIS by offering them technical support with social media, data encryption, and using the virtual currency called Bitcoin.

According to a report at Ars Technica, Ali Shukri Amin pleaded guilty to using Twitter to send the Islamic State information on how it could use Bitcoin to finance its efforts.

“The article explained what Bitcoins were, how the Bitcoin system worked and suggested using Dark Wallet, a new Bitcoin wallet, which keeps the user of Bitcoins anonymous. The article included statements on how to set up an anonymous donations system to send money, using Bitcoin, to the mujahedeen,” Amin admitted in court.

He also gave them tips for more effectively leveraging their social media presence, and how to create a website that would be difficult for their adversaries to take down. Amin admitted to using Twitter to organize other computer experts to help create this website for ISIS. He also helped radicalize

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