mVisa Gets Bangalored, Exhibits Similarities with Bitcoin Transactions

Ever since bitcoin gained the attention of the mainstream media its uses have been widely covered. The ease of paying for goods and services by just scanning a QR Code at Point of Sale terminal is one such use which has been discussed often. Bitcoin PoS systems are already being implemented in places where bitcoin usage has gained good traction. Companies like BitPay, BitPagos have a considerable market share in these countries. While countries with active bitcoin communities have been enjoying these services, at the expense of conventional payments industry (at least that’s what some people think) what about those countries where bitcoin payments has not caught up?

IMG_20151024_222327600IMG_20151024_222327600While the bitcoin community keeps on talking about these things at places where they are already implement, the conventional electronic payments giants are busy capturing those markets where most of the population are still clueless about bitcoin or bitcoin payments. Visa, one of the leading card and electronic payments company has already taken India by storm with its mVisa payment platform. Visa had announced the launch of its Read more ... source: TheBitcoinNews