My Wet and Wild Bitcoin Weekend On Richard Branson’s Island Refuge

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Hannes Grassegger of Das Magazin reports from a Blockchain Summit on Necker Island and discovers how a tellurian economy is being overturned by group in flip flops.

A immature lady waved from a red pier. The zephyr pulpy her brief jumpsuit opposite her body. She waved with her right hand, while her left hold her sunhat in place. The captain brought a speedboat about, a engine sputtered, and we jumped off.

“Welcome to Necker,” a lady breathed, “I’m Kezzia.” She turned, “Come with me.”

The atmosphere was that ideal temperature, somewhere in a low 80s, where we stop intuiting your physique and feel as yet we are melting into a world. The transparent clear H2O of a Caribbean was only a few lovely degrees cooler. The invitation pronounced “Smart Casual”—so we wore a white dress shirt with my float trunks.

After a 36-hour journey, we had finally reached my destination: an island that for 10 years has been a permanent chateau of British billionaire Sir Richard Branson. Kezzia led me to a golf transport parked in a sand. we couldn’t assistance meditative of a video we had seen in that one of Necker Island’s accountants cheerfully recounted portion as a

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