Nasdaq Blockchain Head: Bitcoin’s Currency and Ledger are ‘Two Innovations’

Fredrik Voss, Nasdaq

2015 has seen no shortage of major financial institutions jumping onboard the blockchain bandwagon – in the last two months alone, more than 22 banks have announced pilot projects focused on the emerging technology.

One of the earliest and most vocal financial institutions in the fray, however, was US stock exchange Nasdaq, which revealed in May it had been working for a year to harness bitcoin’s distributed ledger for private stock sales.

Whether the bitcoin blockchain will emerge as the one ledger to rule them all, a predecessor to more refined, enterprise-grade technologies or one blockchain among many, remains to be seen, but Nasdaq suggests it is equally interested in any of these possible futures.

In an exclusive interview, Fredrik Voss, vice president and head of blockchain strategy at Nasdaq, spoke to CoinDesk about his organization’s strategy for communicating its thesis on the technology to those just delving into similar research.

Voss told CoinDesk:

“You get confusion around bitcoin and blockchain, there is an increased understanding that there are two innovations, the asset and the technology innovation.”

Appointed in June, Voss previously served as the company’s deputy head of commodities, but admits he was a “newcomer” to

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