National Lottery Signs Up Barclays Pingit For Mobile Payments



national lottery

Mobiel players can now strike a kitty regulating their smartphones or tablets to enter a Lottery

Camelot is to offer the first-ever mobile remuneration choice for The National Lottery, permitting people to win large regulating their smartphone or inscription from subsequent month.



Using Barclays’ Pingit service, punters can play a Lotto, Thunderball and EuroMillions games by Lucky Dip by a Pingit app or by scanning a QR code.


Barclays-Pingit-LandscapePlayers will be means to name a draws they wish to squeeze a sheet for and a series of draws they wish to enter. Tickets are sent directly to their mobile devices.

Around 6 out of each 10 visits to The National Lottery website are now done from smartphones and tablets, with Camelot anticipating that a introduction of Pingit will make both profitable and personification National Lottery games easier, available and some-more accessible.

“With faster payment

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