NatWest Fails to Imitate Bitcoin with Limited 24-7 Accessibility

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Banks are struggling to provide around the clock customer support and services right now. NatWest wants to change that by opening a new branch with 24-7 automated banking facilities. However, Bitcoin has been offering its services around the clock for seven years now.

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Having access to financial services can be done through mobile or PC banking these days. But when it comes to obtaining money, the story becomes quite different. Most financial institutions offer 24-7 ATM cash withdrawal services, but that is as far as the options go.

NatWest Brings 24-7 Financial Services to Train Station

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Newer bank ATMs allow users to complete wire transfers using. However, that functionality is only available to ATMs within the bank offices themselves. When trying to access these services outside of business hours, users will need to rely on mobile or PC banking.

The new NatWest branch office located in the Manchester Piccadilly train station looks to change that.

In fact, this will be their first 24-7 customer service point providing automated banking facilities. Considering how this station serves over 20 million passengers every year, this is

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