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A guide to NBOMEs and what you need to know By a.grey for DDW

An Introduction into the world of RCs

Research chemicals. Whether you’ve heard about them on your local news channel,  national newspaper, here on DDW or by a friend who favours them; research chemicals are all over.
But what are they? And why are they so readily available? Let’s find out together.

Before we learn about NBOMes its advisable to backtrack slightly to learn about what a NBOMe actually refers to in terms to the group of drugs of which they belong to, This article has been crafted for those with little to no knowledge of research chemicals who want to learn the basics of research chemicals.

What is a research chemical? A research chemical is a substance which has not yet been scientifically and/or medically researched. The word research in the combination ‘research’ and ‘chemical’  is used to suggest it’s use for research purposes; a drug with no proven benefits in medicine, a drug with no recorded interaction with humans and a drug that has not been approved by any means for human consumption.

The word research in this scenario, is a catch-all term for a drug which science

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