Nearly 400,000 uTorrent Accounts For Sale On TheRealDeal Market

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In June, the uTorrent team issued a security alert advising forum members to change their passwords after a database breach. No follow-up information had been made available since the alert. The breach had been forgotten about, for the most part.

As of early September, that data breach has come back around to haunt uTorrent users. Nearly 400,000 uTorrent accounts just became available for purchase on TheRealDeal marketplace.

The database obtained during the initial breach is being sold by a user named “doubleflag” for $600. Doubleflag’s listing contains emails and passwords for 394,769 uTorrent forum users. “Out of a total of 394,769 accounts, some passwords are encrypted with Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA-1) and some with the weak MD5 hashes,” HackRead reports.

TorrentFreak points out that doubleflag claims the data was obtained from uTorrent in January 2016. The security alert from uTorrent did not come until nearly six months later. Although some of the numbers are incorrect, also indicates the data was leaked in January. uTorrent did not explicitly say that data had been stolen in June. However, they failed to mention it had been stolen six months prior the the alert.

uTorrent’s 06/07/2016 “Important Security

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