Nearly Every Credit Card Machine Is at Risk Of being Hacked

hacked-cisco-poseidonhacked-cisco-poseidonNext time you’re paying for some of your consumer grade what-have-yous, you might think twice when your cashier asks, “credit or debit?”

As CNN reports, credit cards are not a secure form of payment. Nearly all of them are at risk of being hacked. 90% of credit card readers currently use the same password.

Lack of responsibility and apathy are leading to the problem.

“No one is changing the password when they set this up for the first time; everybody thinks the security of their point-of-sale is someone else’s responsibility,” Trustwave executive Charles Henderson said. “We’re making it pretty easy for criminals.”

Trustwave put together research on how susceptible credit card machines were to hackers.

The fault lies with retailers and their special vendors. It’s like home Wi-Fi. If you buy a home Wi-Fi router, it’s up to you to change the default passcode. Retailers should be securing their own machines. And machine resellers should be helping

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