Nearly One In Twenty Deutsche Telekom users Targeted By Mirai Botnet Clone

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The recent attack against Deutsche Telekom routers has many security researchers concerned. As it turns out, the Mirai botnet – or a variant of it, to be more precise – is responsible for this massive attack. Nearly one in twenty DT users are still suffering having little to no internet connection. These issues started appearing on Sunday, yet no solution has been found so far.

Mirai Botnet Clone Wreaks Havoc in Germany

Problems started to appear for Deutsche Telekom users last Sunday, as many people were unable to connect to the internet at all Considering their devices all showed there was an active internet connection, this caused quite a stir on social media. Moreover, the media started paying attention to these problems, as nearly 900,000 users were affected by this sudden outage.

Discovering the cause of this problem has been quite challenging, however. Since there was no particular region in Germany suffering from this outages, such a widespread problem is entirely unprecedented. At first, it was assumed this was some network problem, but it turns out the issue is much bigger than originally expected.

According to new research, Deutsche Telekom routers are under attack

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