Need A Top Up? Vodafone Launches Quick Scan PAYG Scheme



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Vodafone PAYG business can now tip adult in seconds interjection to PowaTag’s mobile app

Vodafone business that still rest on Pay As You Go (PAYG) top-ups to use their mobile inclination will now be means to tip adult faster than ever before interjection to a new partnership with Powa Technologies.



The user has announced it will now be regulating a latter’s Powa Tag platform to concede their patron to tip adult simply by scanning a specialised tag.

These tags can be enclosed in repository adverts, catalogues, posters and even product packaging, definition PAYG business should never be held brief in need of credit.

Quick scan

touch shade smartphoneThe new use will be accessible for Vodafone business to use in a company’s 500+ sell stores  as good as other retailers including Argos, Brighthouse, Co-Op, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, JD Williams and Wilkinsons stores.

“Our customers

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