Need help making your next Bitcoin purchase? Try your hand at this

Jan Hubík is one of a small group of Bitcoin enthusiasts looking to stretch the boundaries of Bitcoin user technology with implants.

Working at the Paralelni Polis, known as the “Institute of Cryptoanarchy” in the Prague, where all purchasing transactions are made with the digital currency, automating the digital buying process was a natural fit, done rather unnaturally.

A piece of glass is shot into the user’s hand, between the thumb and forefinger, with a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip inside, allowing for touchless transactions.

“It’s supplied by a company from the United States called Dangerous Things and they supply it already preloaded in an injector,” Hubík explained in an interview with Radio Prague. “So you just have to sterilize the skin and then you can just inject it. Then it’s done. It’s really easy.”

The piece of glass is about the size of a piece of rice. Hubík says in his research that the human body is very accommodating to glass, reducing any known side effects. You can see the chip if you push up from the underside of the hand.

No one really wants broken glass inside of them, removing the chip requires an incision

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