NetCents All-in-One Payment Acceptance API Supports Bitcoin

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One thing that continues to hinder global Bitcoin adoption is it lack of usability. While cryptocurrency enthusiasts will find plenty of ways to spend Bitcoin, the everyday person on the street demands more convenient solutions. Netcents, a relatively new company, has unveiled its Enterprise Solutions Payment Gateway. As a result, they offer an all-in-one payment acceptance platform, which also deals with Bitcoin payments.

Can NetCents Put Bitcoin on The Retailers’ Radar?

Similarly to Bitcoin, mobile payment solutions are fighting an uphill battle. The sheer number of different players in this industry is making it more difficult for merchants to determine which options they should accept. In some ways, it almost looks like there will be no room left for Bitcoin shortly.

This is where NetCents comes into the picture. This relatively new cryptocurrency company is beta testing its Payment Gateway platform. This streamlined ecommerce tool can process a multitude of different payment methods all at once. Among the list of supported payment options are PayPal, credit cards, and even Apple Pay.

For the time being, it is unclear as to how long this beta testing period will last.

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