Netsukuku and GNUnet: Viable Tor Alternatives?

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On an earlier Deepdotweb article entitled TOR: Is There a Viable Alternative?, I was intrigued by this quote: “The annoying thing about the DarkNet is that there is no “DarkNet”; instead there are DarkNets, all specific to their particular system.”

Not long after I started to become more familiar with Tor, I wondered what other darknets existed out there, and two that I came across were Netsukuku and GNUnet.  Though they may not be as widely used as Tor, I2P, and Freenet (at present), both sounded promising.

In with the GNU

Unrelated to the older P2P protocol Gnutella, GNUnet is an official GNU project, written in C.  Its topology is essentially that of a mesh network (i.e. radio nodes organized in a mesh topology).  It includes a distributed hash table (DHT); in this case, it’s a randomized version of Kademlia intended for small networks.

As opposed to the clearnet, GNUnet uses Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), which have not yet been approved by IANA.

Unlike Tor, GNUnet cannot be accessed with a browser, because currently, according to the GNUnet FAQ, there is no proxy (as opposed to Freenet’s fproxy, for example).  GNUnet is a P2P framework, which gives it a number

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