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Most average network users will need to know either little or nothing about NAT (Network Address Translation). The fact is that it’s already being handled for you when your ISP installs your router. It seems that many consumer brand routers make this process seemingly invisible or non-existent as well, but make no mistake:  some form of NATing occurs on all internet connected networks with internal private addressing. The old adage says ‘knowledge is power’; well it’s no different for networks. The more you understand about your network communications, the better chance you have to remain safe out in the public eye. Since you’re probably reading this article right now thanks to NATing, let’s first discuss what it is and how it works; then we can look it how it relates to your security.

Any serious Gen X era online gamers will remember that the good old days of ad-hoc online gaming with friends required a sort of invitation into their home network. The words ‘Port Forwarding’ will ring a bell and I’m willing to bet that most will remember their first time setting this up and feeling like a regular network pro. Well, port forwarding is a simple type of

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