New Analysis Reveals 22 More Countries in Debt Crisis

The unfolding drama inside the Greece’s debt-struck economy has been captivating and heartbreaking at the same time. It has given us — the common people — a preview of a once-wealthy country, falling prey to the 2008’s Wall Street implode, and further reaching to the verge of being called a bankrupt.

But considering Greece as the sole sufferer of some economic meltdown is a mistake. The country’s plight can now be compared with more than 20 other nations that have reported to be going through a similar debt trap. A recent analysis by the Jubilee Debt Campaign has further brought forth the exactness of these debts, revealing us many countries that are either in the said danger zone, or are projected to be in one in coming times.

According to the report, titled “The New Debt Trap”, there are currently 22 countries that are already in debt crisis; and there could be 71 more that could join the club sooner or later. Have a look at the following table to understand it further:

New Analysis Reveals 22 More Countries in Debt CrisisNew Analysis Reveals 22 More Countries<p><a href=Read more ... source: NewsBTC USA