New Appeal Brief Argues: Ulbricht’s Life Sentence Should be Overturned

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The defense team of Ross Ulbricht, the man who started and ran the original Silk Road, filed a new reply brief with the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, appealing both his conviction and sentencing of life in prison without parole.

Joshua Dratel, Ulbricht’s lawyer, argues that a consistent theme throughout Ulbricht’s trial was the lack of proper evidence consideration and that “convictions should be reversed, and a new trial ordered, and/or that certain evidence be suppressed, and/or that the case be remanded for re-sentencing before a different district judge.”

We have written about some of the corruption involved in the government’s investigation and prosecution of Ulbricht and just recently his mother spoke regarding the same issue.

Two of the agents involved with Ulbricht’s investigation, Carl Force of the DEA and Shaun Bridges of the Secret Service, have since been arrested for crimes related to their investigation. Bridges is a more widely known name – likely because money won’t stop disappearing and his  name is always associated with the missing funds.

In the brief notes, Dratel writes that the government tried to separate Carl Force from the investigation and prosecution in an attempt to prevent the public from seeing the potential

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