New Australian Political Party Claims Bitcoin Will Bring ‘Democracy 2.0’

New Australian Political Party Claims Bitcoin Will Bring ‘Democracy 2.0’

A new political party in Australia wants to replace the existing political system with a system that allows people to vote using bitcoin, according to Reuters. The Flux Party believes that voters can use bitcoin to grant votes on legislative proposals. It believes bitcoin will enable representative democracy in the information age.

The party’s goal is to elect six senators who will not propose policies but will vote on legislation at the direction of their members, who will deliver votes on every bill online.

“If they didn’t have to be senators, if they could just be software or robots they would be, because their only purpose is to do what the people want them to do,” Flux Party co-founder Max Kaye told Reuters.

Redistribution Of Political  Power

Flux describes itself as a layer for the redistribution of political power. When a Flux candidate is elected, they become a “gateway for voters to directly influence parliament,” according to the party website. Unlike other representatives, its candidates are not autonomous; their

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