New Bipartisan Blockchain Caucus Will Promote the Use of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

A year ago, Bitcoin Magazine highlighted the work of U.S. Congress Representative Jared Polis and noted his work meeting with politicians and businesses, promoting the many economy-building possibilities of Bitcoin and, by extension, blockchain technology.

A year later, Rep. Polis, a Democrat from Colorado, along with Rep. Mick Mulvaney, a Republican from South Carolina, announced the formation of the first congressional caucus to promote and educate members of Congress, and the general public, about the potential of digital currencies and other blockchain-based technologies.

To increase its influence and effectiveness, the new caucus is bipartisan, welcoming members from both political parties.

“Congressional caucuses are very important for like-minded members of Congress to work together toward common policy goals,” said Jerry Brito, Executive Director of the Coin Center advocacy group. “We are very excited by the formation of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus and look forward to continuing working with its members to chart a path forward with the same type of light touch regulation that the early internet benefited from just a few decades ago.”

Recently Brito was named to the Politico Top 50 influencers in Washington D.C., along with Coin Center board members Marc Andreessen and Fred Wilson.


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