New Bitcoin Foundation Director Bruce Fenton Pledges Fiscal Reform

Bruce Fenton, Atlantic FinancialVeteran bitcoin activist Bruce Fenton has been named the Bitcoin Foundation’s newest executive director.

Elected by a 5-to-1 vote, Fenton succeeds interim executive director Patrick Murck and outgoing executive director Jon Matonis, the latter of whom resigned on 30th October amid financial turmoil and ahead of staff cuts at the industry’s top trade organization.

In interview, Fenton stressed that his greatest asset to the Bitcoin Foundation would be his ability to serve as a “bridge” between the organisation’s individual and corporate members. He cited his full-time position as CEO of Atlantic Financial and involvement in bitcoin as a technology enthusiast as factors.

Further, Fenton did his best to express his desire that, with his appointment, the organization and its divided board would be able advance on the challenge of finding yet another new direction, less than six months after a pivot to focus solely on core development.

Fenton told CoinDesk:

”I am going to do everything I can to make sure it stays in the black. Certainly we are not in the situation we were in when [the price of] bitcoin was much higher. I’m not going

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