New Bitcoin Marketplace Bitzon Launches Tomorrow

It only seems to be a matter of time until proper Bitcoin marketplaces are established. Although solutions such as OpenBazaar have their appeal, it is not the most convenient way for the average person on the street to think about spending Bitcoin. Whether or not Bitzon can fill that gap, remains to be seen, but it is a somewhat interesting concept for sure.

The Merkle does not vouch for Bitzon or any of its services and members. Always do our own research before making a purchase.

Bitzon Targets Bitcoin Lovers

It has to be said; Bitzon is not the first Bitcoin-oriented marketplace to launch. This concept has been tried multiple times in the past, albeit very few platforms are even remotely successful. Even companies such as, while offering significant discounts, are only seeing a fraction of the volume they one day hope to process.

What Bitzon wants to do is create a more traditional online store where Bitcoin is the only accepted payment method. To some people, this may appear to be a big red flag, as Bitcoin is a non-refundable cryptocurrency. Anyone who only accepts bitcoin as an unknown brand and without escrow services looks suspicious. But

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