New Bitcoin wallet by BlockTrail offers an interesting tech development

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Drumroll, please… Another Bitcoin wallet, this one by Blocktrail, has been launched. Most likely, this announcement won’t be raising many eyebrows, at least not at the moment. A few years ago a new wallet might have been a big deal, but nowadays there are so many options, the market is all but saturated.

blocktrail bitcoin walletBlockTrail’s new wallet, however, offers some interesting developments as far as Bitcoin tech goes. That’s why we’re going to take a moment to look at the new wallet.

So what’s so important about BlockTrail’s wallet? The company is looking to launch a wallet that has absolutely no access to your BTC. That’s right, they want to create a wallet that isn’t really much of a wallet at all, at least in the sense that cryptocurrency won’t be stored directly by the company itself. The wallet is highly decentralized and the company claims that there is no way for users to be locked out of their Bitcoin stash, at least not by the company itself.

For people still worried about the burn caused by Mt. Gox, a centralized exchange that saw hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency simply vanish, the idea of taking BTC out of the hands of centralized authorities must certainly sound appealing. If BlockTrail’s wallet delivers on its promises, there would be no way for any centralized authority to abscond with your Bitcoin wealth.

Given that Mt. Gox’s former CEO was recently charged with embezzling

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