New Breach: 655000 Healthcare Records (Patients) Being Sold

When Paul Syverson, Co-creator of the Tor web browser said that Your Medical Records Have Bullseyes On Them, he probably meant this. According to to what the hacker told us over an encrypted Jabber conversation, he used a “an exploit in how companies use RDP. So it is a very particular bug. The conditions have to be very precise for it “.

The hacker provided DeepDotWeb, with exclusive images of the largest database hack from their internal network, he made sure to redact all the identifiable information “so the target company can remain anonymous for now”:





The hacker, called thedarkoverlord (trdealmgn4uvm42g.onion/profile/32184), operating on TheRealDeal martet is offering to sell a unique one-off copy of each the three databases which are ranging in price from 151BTC (~100,000$) to 607BTC (~395,000$):

  1.  Healthcare

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