New Breach: Healthcare Insurer Database Of 9.3M Records Being Sold

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Only 2 days ago we reported about 655000 Healthcare Records (Patients) Being Sold,by an anonymous hacker on TheRealDeal market, at that time the hacker called thedarkoverlord (trdealmgn4uvm42g.onion/profile/32184) promised that we should expect more – and soon after, he delivered in the form of a new sale of hacked Healthcare Insurance Database containing no less than 9,300,000 patients records from United States:


The hacker stated on the sale page:

This product is an extremely large database in plaintext from a large insurance healthcare organization in the United States. It was retrieved using a 0day within the RDP protocol that gave direct access to this sensitive information.

The info contained in the database includes: Firstname,Lastname,Address1,City,State,Zip,Email,HomePhone,CellPhone,DOB,SSN

The database is being sold for 750BTC – the which is around 485,000$ at this time.

Dissent Doe, a security researcher reported on her blog that she managed to verify that the data was real by calling on of the persons from the DB, using some sample listings provided to her by thedarkoverlord, and concluded:

So the data look real, but some

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