New Code Valley Initiative – Making Bitcoin’s Killer App

Bitcoin Press Release: An engineering team from Australia have created a technology that allows a developer to contribute to a software project yet still retaintheir intellectual property, and earn bitcoin for each contribution

Using this new technology, it is now possible for developers to repeatedly trade their specialist design expertise in exchange for bitcoin, making this the world’s first free automated market for software.

To begin trading in this marketplace, a developer creates their very own vendor, a program that acts as their automated assistant and ‘intellectual property guardian.’ When contracted, this vendor program will automatically carry out its owner’s expertise – the developer’s design decisions – for them.

Developers from all layers of the stack and all levels of abstraction (from web development to embedded systems) can create a vendor to begin trading in this marketplace. If a developer’s expertise is in demand, their vendor could be contracted hundreds of times, contribute to hundreds of projects, and earn its developer a continuous stream of Bitcoin. Automatically.

This marketplace becomes a global software supply-chain inside the software development process.

“We can now have programs designed and built by the world’s foremost experts at every level of abstraction,”

Says Noel Lovisa, the founder of Code

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