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Bitmain, the second largest mining pool in the Bitcoin industry and the most popular mining equipment manufacturer, wants to build the world’s third largest data center together with Chinese investors. The company, which currently controls 18.6 percent of the bitcoin network hash, is planning to build a highly efficient and powerful data center to increase its share of Bitcoin hash distribution. They also want to demonstrate the importance of renewable energy such as solar energy and use it as a source of energy for the data center.

In essence, Wu and the rest of the Bitmain team are trying to find an example of other mining companies and companies that run large data centers, contributing a considerable amount of computing power to the Bitcoin network. Wu believes that the majority of data centers in the bitcoin mining industry have not recognized the importance of energy-efficient mining and the use of renewable energies.

Bitmain’s Bitcoin Mining Data Center will be one of the world’s largest power generation plants with 135 megawatts of electricity. Thus, Wu and his team are aiming to use innovative technologies such as work-saving cooling and dust-free systems to ensure that the computing and mining equipment in their plant is dependent on as little energy as possible and still maintain the highest possible performance.

In view of the sheer size of Bitmain’s data center, the company said the facility is used by its investors and other partners for alternative applications. The Bitmain team, however, stressed that the bulk of the capacity of the facility will be used for bitcoin mining and the Bitcoin network backup.

Although the company stated that the construction of the facility is likely to be completed by the end of 2016, it will ultimately affect the weather and climate in Xinjiang from November to February. Upon completion of the facility, Bitmain and Bitcoin enthusiasts expect a rapid growth in the hash power of Bitmain and its mining pools.

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