‘New Frontier’ of Bitcoin Cybercrime Explored at Barcelona Event


Bitcoin attackers present “a new frontier” for cybercrime, a gathering of top security specialists heard in Barcelona this week.

Government agencies, banks, universities, private companies and consulting firms attending the Anti-Phishing Working Group’s (APWG) eCrime 2015 event on Tuesday were warned by a panel of cryptocurrency experts that research in the sector is lagging behind criminal practice.

Speaking inside the CaixaForum, APWG chairman Dave Jevans, who has been following bitcoin since 2011, told the audience that this knowledge gap presented a challenge for everyone in the room, noting:

“[Cryptocurrencies] have their own world of crime and fraud that we need to explore and understand in the coming years. They also are deeply integrated in the fraud that we deal with today: phishing, ransomware and money laundering.”.

Founded in 2003, the APWG is a 2,000-strong member organisation that aims to tackle security threats in the digital age by pooling resources and brainpower across the public and private sectors.

The four-day symposium, billed as the destination “where cybercrime fighters meet and collaborate”, included cryptocurrencies on the agenda for the first time in the group’s 12-year history.

Gaining momentum

Speaking to CoinDesk, APWG secretary general Peter Cassidy said it had taken a while for digital

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