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A group of economists from UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, Deutsche Bundesbank, University of Wisconsin and The New School have published a investigate paper patrician “The Evolution of a Bitcoin Economy: Extracting and Analyzing a Network of Payment Relationships.”

The economists’ end is that a Bitcoin economy has grown and grown from an early antecedent stage, by a second expansion theatre characterized by “sin” (i.e. gambling, black markets), to a third theatre noted by a pointy course divided from “sin” and toward legitimate enterprises.

The end is frequency surprising: Blockchain-related press headlines, that used to be mostly about Mt. Gox and Silk Road usually a integrate of years ago, currently tend to be about banks, exchanges and even central banks holding stairs toward a operational use of blockchain technology. Nevertheless, it’s engaging to see how this end was reached by consummate mercantile analysis.

Bitcoin Magazine reached out to comparison author Paolo Tasca, a executive during a UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, to find out some-more about a investigate and associated issues. Tasca, a fintech economist specializing in P2P financial systems and systemic risk, is a former comparison investigate economist during Deutsche Bundesbank and a

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